The mission of Grand Rapids Christian Academy is to be disciples and make disciples by equipping students both academically and spiritually to serve our Savior Jesus Christ.


meet our administrator

Harrison dedicated his life to serving the Lord during his freshman year of high school. He graduated highschool in the spring of 2014 and by God’s providence began studying pastoral ministries. During this time Harrison met his wife Leann and got married after both he and Leann graduated with their bachelor degrees in 2018 and 2019. After getting married Harrison and Leann returned to Pensacola for their Master degrees. It was through the Lord’s providence that Harrison began studying educational leadership. Harrison was looking at studying a few different master degrees and for some reason the school chose educational leadership for him. Harrison has seen the hand of the Lord working in his life by leading him to GR Church in 2016 to be a summer missionary. Through the years Harrison has felt called to come back to GR Church. By God’s design both Harrison and Pastor Cody felt burdened to start a school. GR Christian Academy can only be described as a God thing. Harrison is excited to help disciple the next generation through academics and spiritual matters.

core values


GR Christian Academy believes that education is not possible without God. Education must be taught through the lens of the Bible both in academic and spiritual matters in order to serve our Savior, Jesus Christ.


GR Christian Academy believes that parents are ultimately responsible for their child’s education. GR Christian Academy is a resource for parents to help disciple their children in academic and spiritual matters in order to serve our Savior, Jesus Christ.


GR Christian Academy believes that education is the number one function of the church. GR Christian Academy will be an extension of GR Church by training and equipping students by discipleship in academic and spiritual matters in order to serve our Savior, Jesus Christ.


4525 Stauffer Ave SE,
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

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